Our unit deals specially with the whole spectrum of cultivation. In our private up-to-date greenhouses of 1.000 m2 with controlled conditions of temperature and humidity, the seeding and inoculation of plants is done by specialized staff, which continually monitors their development so as, when it is time for planting, the seedlings with the best characteristics get there. A special team for research and development (R & D) follows different varieties of hybrid watermelons so as in the next years to offer even more choices to the customers.

From the time of replantation in the field, until the time of harvest, the fields are inspected on a daily basis by us, as well as by specialized agriculturalists, who work with our firm.

During the production process, all the certified methods are followed so as the products to get to the customers healthy, free of chemicals and rich in taste.

During harvest, get to the processing facilities with private trucks within less than half an hour. After been weighed, they are unloaded and the process of cleaning and packaging starts depending of the needs of our customers.

Therefore, in less than half a day our products have been loaded into trucks-coolers, so as to get to their destination fresh, keeping their quality characteristics which make them distinct in the market.